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Hit-Boy - Option Lyrics and Video (Ft. Big Sean)



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'Option' Lyrics - Hit-Boy (Ft. Big Sean)
Here is Option Lyrics by Hit-Boy Ft. Big Sean

[Verse 1: Hit-Boy]
We twisted, yeah nigga we twisted
Got a couple bad bitches
Yeah, you missed it
Her and her sister, keep calling me mister
H-I-T B-O-Y, he so fly, he no lie, too much truth
All I do, makes hits sip a little bit of hundred proof
Young nigga bet a couple hundred, what it do
When I got a couple enemies I haven’t run into
It’ll be problems, yeah it’ll be problems
So I’m celebrating life throwing money in the air
Throwing money in the air, letting them know I don’t care
Got so much flair, like my nigga Chase say
Making bitches say OK
Really ain’t mean to [?]
But I really got to stunt nigga, look this way
I’m fucking Hit-Boy, I’m fucking [?], she fucking Hit-Boy
And you know, you know I’m all about them zeroes
Controlling the game like D. Rose
And making hits for my heroes

We twisted, we fucking twisted
Got a couple bad bitches that wanna get high
They wanna get live(?), they wanna get high
And I don’t even smoke, but my niggas do
So go light up girl, go really get loose
And we can get it going we can take it to the room
Hit her with the get fucked option

[Verse 2: Hit-Boy]
I’m rolling, I’m rolling
Knocking bitches down like I’m bowling
Off that Hennessy and Patrón and
Y’all be cuffing hoes y’all patrolling
But it’s OK, it’s OK
Trying to steal my style but it’s no way
And now I’m getting that white money
They chase a nigga like O.J
My jersey, with me nigga
I’m putting on for my team nigga
I’m the quarterback, first string nigga
Straight tossing bitches like flea flickers
These kickers, all turf
Running this field, thats hard work
Fuck all night and I’m all surf
My stock high, what y’all worth?
No benzes, [?]
That front end, spent it
That back end, stacked that
$500 for the snake-skin snapback
And that’s word to my nigga Don C
Updated fresh, what you know about me?
Love having sex with a double dime piece
She a 20 on the scale what you know about [?]?


[Verse 3: Big Sean]
Fuck these bitch ass niggis
Bitches big-y
Sipping on liquor trying to get a little licky, licky, licky, icky
Sorry ho but I’m picky
Bad white girls and they look like Iggy
Grown ass man do I look like Diggy?
Bend it over on me, can you do it like Nicki?
Pussy all wet, we stay sticky, sticky
Yeah, I lost my mind, bet I won’t lose my money (No)
Picking up change, do I look bum-y? (No)
She keep blowing when the [?] ain’t running
Staying in shape because you know a nigga run it
Me and two Os, yeah that’s one hundred
My nigga ran through the trees rolling with that shotty
Goddammit he think he hunted
I’m going hard, I don’t stop
I’m living life like it’s no cops
She’s taking shots to the head like who the fuck needs Botox
I’m rolling up, I’m rolling out
I don’t know her name, I just know her mouth
Living this life you lame niggas don’t know about


[Outro: Big Sean]
And Hit-Boy get these hoes man, aw shit
So damn, nasty, she so nasty
I’m a nasty nigga to though

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Hit-Boy - Option

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