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Hoodie Allen - Hey Now Lyrics and Video



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'Hey Now' Lyrics - Hoodie Allen
Here is Hey Now Lyrics by Hoodie Allen

Designated driver but I'm drinking 'till my wallets closed
This right here, that's rock n' roll
You just call it Rocky Road
Sorry Mr. Ocifer
Ok, I meant officer
But all these shots just turn me to a gossiper
TMZ binoculars, and knocking on my window like I'm popular
All I see is red lights
Ain't nobody stopping ya
You must be confused
I don't think you read the news much
I'm a Rasta Monsta on the beat, Luis Guzman

And I feel like I'm drinking for the first time
Ain't no medicine to keep my head from spinning
And I feel like I'm drinking for the first time
Let me take you back to the beginning

I mean like way back
You get love and I make that
My bass notes cost pesos
These girls coming like asap
So stay strapped, stay good
They hatted on what we coulda been
And I'm back packing through Brooklyn
And we made this song, we good again

Hey now, Hey now
You've been fucking up my day now, day now
I just gotta find a way out, way out
I don't wanna go home

Hey now, Hey now
I'm finally getting paid now, paid now
I got models eating take out, take out
I don't wanna go home

Girls be in the club trying to sing along with Taio Cruz
I swear they know like every word, but they can't even tie their shoes
I'm amused
My music is influenced by the muses
I'm confused
Did you think I liked you for your new kicks
High heels, low chance
A little bit of love in this slow dance
We all trying to grow up so fast
That we don't really know that what we got is romance
Don't you brag, keep it hush
You know that this luck could die
Turn it up a little bit
What you hear is something silent


Tomorrow is never promised
I said I'm tired of being honest
Your just trying to pick my brain
And I'm just trying to pick your wallet
I'mma walk away cause I know the way we live today ain't orthodoxes
Getting late but we're all awake
And we're talking loud so just call the cops
And make us stop if you can
You can try to ring us up
Set up a perimeter but we ain't ever been in love
I got a couple minutes left
Maybe I should live it up
But this time, it's time you should give it up


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Hoodie Allen - Hey Now

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