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Jay Rock - YOLA Lyrics and Video



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'YOLA' Lyrics - Jay Rock
Here is YOLA Lyrics by Jay Rock

[verse 1]
i’ve been gone for a minute, now i’m back in this bitch
like a porno star, man i’m going to go hard
go and take you a flick, picture perfect
the way i merk it, lurkin’, like swamp thang
close curtains, yeah that’s for certain, if you ever hop in my lane
nigga fuck your chain
i’m out here thuggin’ bitch, what the fuck you thought
talkin’ all that ra-ra think you the kaka
get your hood compound chalked
what the fuck you thought?
so fuck your shoebox money
talking all that rich shit got you nervous
you ain’t in the hood, you ain’t ’bout that
stop that ‘fore them killers end up where your house at
ka-ka-ka, leave you topless
in the ‘jects with my homies, watts and [g's?] be my domain
some of my niggas deal cocaine
spill a line off a plate then they rollin’
but these clown ass niggas they jokes mane
it must be the dope they smokin’
streets know that i got that fire
rock ’bout to take them higher

i got that a1
yola, yola, yola, yola, yola, yo-yola
i got that a1
yola, yola, yo-yola, yo-yola, yo-yola, yola
he think he cold, but i’m much colder
colder, cold-cold-colder
i got that a1, yola, a1, yola, yola, yola, yola
i got that work (x3)

[verse 2]
i’m the incredible, gargantuo
crack competition like pistachios
i got it on lock, can’t crack the code
streets know i’m hot, you catch a cold
36 kilos, me nigga
drop me in a pot, watch me eat nigga
need to practice what you preach, nigga
your rap stats sour, you a sweet nigga
i’m way too a g, tde no limit, i’m p nigga
sippin on henney in the back of a lac 22 inch vogues on a fleet nigga
know you can’t do it like me, nigga
i was born broke, so i’m bound to ball
i can take a quarter piece, turn it to a key
100 gs in a week, that’s an easy call
everything i do now — easy call
snatch your bitch — easy call
give her right back, we don’t love the hoes
let her suck ’til i blow, then i’m on the go
handsome shit, big daddy kane
runaway slave rock off the chain
streets know that i got that fire
i’m about to take them higher


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Jay Rock - YOLA

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