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Roderic - Just The Intro Lyrics and Video



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'Just The Intro' Lyrics - Roderic
Here is Just The Intro Lyrics by Roderic

Now let me start out by seeing I'm blessed in upon this
my daddy took the pills and I ain't paddle top of nothing
I lost my cousin Tray had no hoodie on a nothing
tryin to see deep and all I see is rappers watches flood
and man I swear we need more young paddle let me water
'cause they wanna rest the shore, the felly never starving
so they out they're living ro, know that they back slide
no that they're back sliding but there's got once more,
been living with the timing 'cause when it rains it pours,
we come up in a time really any thing goes,
in a diam made a diam and for name named Keysha
swear to god I smoke strong things getting weaker,
strong medication no Lauryn Hill,
change my whole perspective when she told us to rebel,
all these pops on the rolling like the high with the hill
but still I'm daring to looking speak the source that I brill
the blood I'm media rare, lot of niggas cause
but I don't mean to go there just trying to get my buzz
I stop with the sale here, turning into a dug
been overcoming to fear, what I'm capable of, hold up!

Half things been since I left
snoozed on my buzz but the time up next
still like my diamonds blue cause, niggas still don't creep
last night was a movie and your girl in the grip, what's up!

You fuck around with them fuck arounds and as I get fucked with
I'm ten toes then you got some dutch it,
I flock with the realest boy who you club with,
being off with the sun shit,
and when the.. again a little more than nothing
I step any double of you boys you say you're stuntin,
you can say I'm travel on the base line
I'm something just tell me that, that you've been I'm a donkey
and this is just the intro homie,
y'all got em I heard rapping so resentful homie,
played y'all forbid games, out to 7 that stood
now method up the game, most an info homie what's up?

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