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Mac Miller - Boat Races Lyrics and Video (Ft. Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs)

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'Boat Races' Lyrics - Mac Miller (Ft. Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs)
Here is Boat Races Lyrics by Mac Miller Ft. Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs

I’m on the first thing smoke, smoking on some dope
That I got from all that O, all my niggas slow mo
Mr. Mac Millie’s, we in my Phantom, most dope
It’s crack in my drawers, back against the wall, overdose
Michael Jack thrift, in Manila pin these hoes
Gave you all when the call gets time, tell kids go
All over Sunday, these niggas can’t be kind
And they sugarcoating the money they making in the hood, Monroe
Caught up in the mall, never even touched a ho
Why while I’m under my drugs older than you fuckin knows
I know some youngins click the up and that’s ready to blow
And we don’t play no poker, we the homophobes
It’s con creatures but you already know the slug
Abbreviate, my appreciation is a token
Laughing all the way to the bank, no lackin the loafer
Keep a couple addicts to get a new packet of dope
Me in taxin them full bands, slappin with no hand
Hand to hand, hand the samples out – that’s free promotion
Jealousy is the weak emotion, picture me rollin
Speedboat on the beach, oh shit at the boatleg

Gangsta gyeah, 87 cut smoke
Ship it off and get my pocket used to bust it open
Hennessey and Coca-Cola keep a nigga loakin
I slow it up promethazine, I finna go potion
Pull shit, drug dealer and abuser
I used to get up and pop all the oxycotin then get suited
Stringle it in my weed ‘cause I was way 2 scams and tutin
Live in a movie like a young don, serving heron, shootin
Shootin M’s out the sake, then the nigga poppin
Shit is heatin for you bastards
I’m throwing em on the glock
And leave my nigga cop the Cola, the soda and yola lockin up
Today I slip my feet in new sneakers like Mr. Robert Giggs
Homie down to poster child for parents visual
My kitchen now you noticed like this shit be in the air
You buy the first, I front the second, call me in a pair
I said I’m Steppin on the crack, I break these birds off like Kevin Wiff

Bitch, uh yea
I said I’m Steppin on the crack, I break these birds off like Kevin Wiff bitch

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Mac Miller - Boat Races (Ft. Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs)

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