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Young Jeezy Ft. YG & Doughboyz Cashout - My Young Niggaz Lyrics and Video

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'My Young Niggaz' Lyrics - Young Jeezy Ft. YG & Doughboyz Cashout
Here is My Young Niggaz Lyrics by Young Jeezy Ft. YG & Doughboyz Cashout

What’s up?
This for the young niggaz

Wake up in the morning roll a blunt for a nigga bust a teen
while his face wanting more, laying back to the streets
money on this mind last night, he can even meet
Money on his mind he can’t even sleep
Mama think that he can get me out of head
But if niggas all good, ‘cause he got a couple bands
Bullet 21 so he steppin’ the club
This to say the face wanna be a thug
Couple cup nigga this despite with the lean gas
Lose everything my young nigga everybody scream
Get a little paper now the bitches all on em
Get a little paper now the bitches all want em,
Might be a lot of things but he ain’t no fool
Before I kept my young nigga, every work without his tune
Bloody in the .. and my young rocky
Going for the deep and get his mother*cking puppet

Just do the robbers and the jackets, and the killers, and the dealers
Get the trappers niggas getting going scriller
But this is for my young niggaz
This is for my young niggaz
Now I got it for the hustlers and the busters and the gangstas and the clubbers
Their ass niggas they suckers,
But I guess this for my young niggaz
Doing for my young niggaz.
For my young niggaz they post it on the block
For them young niggaz stay move without their glock
My young niggaz stay rappin’ for the hood
For them young niggaz, I don’t suck it no good

This is for my young nigga alive .. he ain’t real there
But he really .. me shit
Put him on the case when he ain’t really did nothing
But he gonna take it for the hood
He ain’t ..she like f*ck it,
We didn’t pay it for the love, but the loyal won’t shade em
Call with my name all, we can do and listen
Twenty years young, he don’t wanna go to prison
15 alive, he like fuck that senses
And then I ain’t even measure that I pay for the lawyer
Me and psychic and we got playin by the lawyer
with a life since she can’t get ..
Plus the penis I could ..
F*ck it he thuggin’
All these want some bitches and some money
He can’t even lunch with
He’s day one nigga he just wanna keep in touch with
But remember he ain’t even do nothing


.. by the block, stay by glock
Runnin out the big homies got in workin on the clock
Wax in the sack game balls in the spot though
All he want is a bad bitches some off the lights
My young nigga, he remind me of me
We ain’t up and copin’ tryin to come up on the key
In the club thuggin’ going hard for the streets
Selling soft ‘cause them jaze little hard on this feet
Yeah yeah, just a young nigga post it on the block
truly in his pants who getting pop with it
He from the same hood as me we like block brothers
Stash pussies and then drugs, we see the cops coming
Ain’t really got a fam he like fuck living
But if he got problems, homies gonna thug with em
Just beating murder case feeling the touch
For my young niggaz, don’t let nobody fuck


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Young Jeezy Ft. YG & Doughboyz Cashout - My Young Niggaz

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