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Mac Miller - Earth Lyrics and Video (Ft. Future)

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'Earth' Lyrics - Mac Miller ft. Future
Here is Earth Lyrics by Mac Miller Ft. Future

Yeah, you know I love having a studio at home
Because right when I walk in the booth
You know I, I take a sip of my drink
You know like, light a cigarette and walk up to the mic
And it's exactly the correct height for me
It definitely just makes me feel comfortable
You know, lets your mind be at ease
And I, noticed that, that uh, sometimes I rap with my rollie on
And sometimes I take it off

You ain't gotta worry if you're cold
Promise baby, I'll be there by tomorrow
If you love me then I'll be down for it all
Cause I ain't seen nobody like you
You look so good, when you walk by
I have to stop, you broke my heart
Can't you bring you back to us

Hi, I am sitting in the clouds
Everything around seems different to me now
And this could be a change for the both of us
Get away from the world that's controlling us
It's only just me, I hope you trust me
You look a little nervous, keep adjusting your blouse...

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Mac Miller ft. Future - Earth

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