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Tyga - Word On Street Lyrics and Video



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'Word On Street' Lyrics - Tyga
Here is Word On Street Lyrics by Tyga

Word on the street I got gold bricks

Word on the street I got gold bricks
Put 10 gold chains on yo bitch
Let er cry for me, that’s hooty and a blowfish
She gon blow dick til she pop, how many legs?
Blow this popsicle, stand quick
Insane niggas, getting bent in a Bentley
Hothead trigger nigga, don’t tempt me
Make that ass shake like a Wendy’s frosty (frost bit)
In the middle week, Jebediah
I’m the great Alexander Empire
Mix bubble gum, put shrimp on yo dinner
Rocky Balboa, heart of a lion
Tyga, not to be fucked with, tyrant
On the highest level, top of mount Zion
She said she never fucked me, but she’s lyin
Team so strong, could’ve been the Minnesota Viking, fuck it!
Two tears nigga in a bucket
You don’t like me and bitch I love it
Livin life reckless, gold bitch stay nugget
Step on curry, got 30 in the luggage
Fuck that bitch, she’ll never get a lover
Timbuktu, reincarnated king Musa
Talkin bout medusa, these niggas just losers
You ain’t even do shit, I’m the coach that’s coolest
T ruler, sharp shooter, red ruga, not human
Lex Luthor, super mutant, still bruising
Steel chrome, still ruthless, translucent
Probably the best to do this

Hoe I ain’t gotta prove shit
The proof’s in the bank bitch
Do this shit for my kids’ kids
In the papadoce, you don’t even know what that is nigga

Word on the street I got gold bricks
Word on the street I got gold bricks

Heath Ledger, pill poppin, no jokin
Stanley Kubrick, eyes wide die opened
So doctor, this ain’t Broadwayin
Tom foolery, yall niggas horse playin
Most hated cuz the crib most gated
Most cars, a lot of broads, the most dated
Your cars pass through expiration
Second to none, no offense, none taken
Stick up, I’m hijakin em back
I’m the shit bubblewrap, get rap to rap
Flow god, that is so hot
Step on yo back bitch
Now you hunchback and launch from the launchin pad
Lougin at the pack
T-Raw the best rapper in there and I’m flexin 600 grand on my lap
Instagram, take the pilot jet ready
That’s an instant plane
Fuck yall, niggas couch mane
Actin ashamed, don’t be a slave
Put yo check on the table
By the end of the days paid hey hey
Blake fair at the world fair, fuck hair
When them near smell roast in the air
Oh yea? Who that nigga with the big ass gat?
That’s me with the big ass gat
It’s a sabertooth
Hater eat yo life in a big ass flash
No puck on my plate, nigga still goin ham

Word on the street I got gold bricks
Word on the street I got gold bricks

Word on the street I got gold bricks

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Tyga - Word On Street

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