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Mac Miller - Erica's House Lyrics and Video (Ft. TreeJay)

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'Erica's House' Lyrics - Mac Miller ft. TreeJay
Here is Erica's House Lyrics by Mac Miller Ft. TreeJay

Around the fire do a ...dance
You know the funny word? Underpants
Let’s go the ..and have the war
Stop fucking calling me Malcome war
It’s not my name
It’s kind’of funny
So i saw that you meation my moms addict
Life was a block busted
But now it’s cool clasic
Smoke ‚til I ...
And embrasing my bad habbit
Traveling down the hole i9’m cashing the fast rabit
Would that ...still wired from my last ..
Our love was like a fox and the fuck like a cruck addict
...and black magic and watch some car crushing
Snap shut and ...
The alians of ...
I don’t care because my fortune it’s made from ...
Take life will ....and don’t want to end
Thank God i’m sober again
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away
Ooh my God
Don’t let the dogs out
Stoop what you doing and put it back in the dark house
I was a human i feeling like i’m God now
Like most of thetime i don’t need to know what i’m talking ’bout
Cuz I will walk and talk and cruck it out
Take the ..with my mom will...around
...coat up they luck around
I’m possible a ..don’t belive me
You can tell that i’m so lonely fron the TV
I hate myself cuz i’m a white rapper
I hate white rappers
But in the streets that ... masters make me rich
Sure, sure some high
I feel like ....gotta stop...
Back in the ..on the ...my favorite top spot
It’s now last the hungry ...
Run away
Run away
Run, run, run away
Ooh my
Still having sex with blind people
They say my pussy smell like pie niggas
Stare in their face like bith I’m a ..
Yeah i’m all kind of evil
Eat ..out of ..try to find and beat ’em
Still sick of people, go back to the same bitch
She is kicking with for mister ...
Is high definition jacking off...
In LA try to give me a ...
Cuz my ...day will ...
Run away can’t you play
Run away
Run away, run away, run away
Girl run away
You gotta run away

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Mac Miller ft. TreeJay - Erica

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