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Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber - My Heart Lyrics and Video

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'My Heart' Lyrics - Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber
Here is My Heart Lyrics by Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber

Sneak the sandals and beach with sand, booze
Weeks of gamble and the sheets are bamboo
Got me MISERY but my man telling me
Seen by the pool, coolest pink lemonade
Leather poncho plus the belts four yards
I'm so sharp, I could cut myself
Invite the morning, we could get it on
If not, I'm oh so cold like Omarion
Cold night CHILLS fall in your own nature
Hard to feel booze in, no mixture
Just some red that the feds won't discuss
Gold egg with your adventure
I'm in the cut so I'm in the truck
And you might wanna know who's in the phone book
I'm BUSY 'cause you know it's off the hook


Oh, my lord, I'm scared
Oh, my lord, I'm scared
My lord, are you there?

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Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber - My Heart

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