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Cam'ron - Sorry Lyrics and Video

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Sorry : Cam'ron
Here's a new hot song from Cam'ron, the song actually uses the chorus from "Baby Can I Hold You Tonight" chorus by Boyzone.

Cam'ron - Sorry Video

Cam'ron - Sorry Lyrics and Video

Forgive me (forgive you) (2x)
And you can say baby (baby baby baby)
And baby can I hold you tonight (I don't know I don't know about all that)
And baby if I tolds you the right words (when? when?)
At the right time (what happened?)
You'll be mine

For your information Sorry lyrics are performed by Cam'ron. We know most of you don't like this but we try our best to provide the latest song lyrics that is being released as soon as possible to our visitors. We are really sorry we don't have the lyrics yet.

Cam'ron - Sorry

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