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Chingy Ft. Nelly - Hey Now Lyrics and Video

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Hey Now : Chingy Ft. Nelly
Chingy Ft. Nelly - Hey Now Video

Chingy Ft. Nelly - Hey Now Lyrics and Video

For your information Hey Now lyrics are performed by Chingy Ft. Nelly. We know most of you don't like this but we try our best to provide the latest song lyrics that is being released as soon as possible to our visitors. We are really sorry we don't have the lyrics yet.

Hey now what's that sound
Everybody look what's going now
Chingaling men I'm back
Pull another round

'Cause everything and nothing 'cause they love it old style
'Cause my watch, my name
Lil Wayne my chain hey
Lyrics courtesy of Windsor S.
The way I come from nothing and I gotta 'em all sayin'

Like hey now (hey)
Hey now (Hey)

Yeah I do it for no sayin'
He said I would never make it
Got my dough ride
My girl ride

My swag so thing
They say I'm so fresh
They like hey now (hey)
Hey now (hey)

All the boy in the (?)
And this my time

Chingy Ft. Nelly - Hey Now

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