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Chrishan - Good Love Lyrics and Video

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Good Love - Chrishan
The all new grown up Chrishan just released a hot R&B song. If you first listened to this song and don't know who's singing, you might think it's Chris Brown. But no, it's a different artist but their voice have some similarities.

Chrishan - Good Love Video

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Chrishan - Good Love Lyrics and Video

These Chrishan - Good Love Lyrics will be updated without any notifications. Good Love video recorded by Chrishan is located above.

With that good love, good love
My baby god the good love, good love
I can't get enough
You got me (?) and what am I supporse to do
To run to you
What am I suppose to do
To run to you
Baby you got that love
And I can't get enough
I love I'm in love with you

As you notice, we don't have the full precise lyrics for this song. But if you happen to have some parts or maybe the full lyrics, please put it on the comment below or submit "Good Love" lyrics directly.

Chrishan - Good Love

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