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KT Tunstall - Push That Knot Away Lyrics and Vide

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Push That Knot Away : KT Tunstall
It's time for some KT Tunstall music. The Scottish singer will finally release - after three years of her last effort "Drastic Fantastic" (2007) - a brand new album (her third one) in September. Tunstall's Official Website recently confirmed that the forthcoming record will be titled "Tiger Suit" and is dropping on the 20th of the above-mentioned month in the UK and on the 28th in the USA. KT Tunstall may not be completely ready to kick-off the official promotion just yet, but since she can't wait any longer to share her new material with fans she has decided to release this new song "Push That Knot Away" with its respective music video, a compilation of footage of her playing/recording the song. As you will instantly hear, KT is bringing a new sound. She's moving from her trademark pure folk/indie style to now mix it subtly with electronic music. I quite like it! Looking foward to check out her new album! Just a couple months left. (Source: directlyrics.com)

KT Tunstall - Push That Knot Away Video

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KT Tunstall - Push That Knot Away Lyrics and Video

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KT Tunstall - Push That Knot Away

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