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"Rooftops" Lyrics - Luke Christopher (Ft. Asher Roth)

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Luke Christopher - Rooftops Lyrics and Video (Ft. Asher Roth)

Here is Rooftops Lyrics by Luke Christopher Ft. Asher Roth@

(Luke Christopher)
cheer chimminy chimm chimm choo roo
nigga i can build my own path so why would i follow you
see here were all sinners selecect few, cause the rest is cartoons resemble the great pretenders
but i dont need a mentor yall niggas cant shake me warm welcome with teeth for those who wanna
hate me, so you should stand back cause lately im holding on to everybody trying to excape me
and the world is such a funny funny funny a place on the moon looks apon us with a funny funny
funny face i whisper to the sun saying make a sunny place where we dont make money,its funny cause money makes us.

we said, get off the rooftops
you just a kid with a dream
but im like yo look at you pops, you aint as wise as you seem
i never wanna see the world as something routine
yall memorizing lines but im readin inbetween
dont wanna wake up realizing my girl is a machine
the roof tops aint a bad place to be

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Luke Christopher - Rooftops

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