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JME - 96 F**Kries Lyrics and Video



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'96 F**Kries' Lyrics - JME
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Here is 96 F**Kries Lyrics by JME @

Oh please
I couldn’t care ’bout your T’s and C’s
I’m J to the M to the E
I make G R I M to the E

I make you bop your head to the beat
From the S, W to the N to the E
Bare M to the Cs thought they could swim with the sharks
Until they entered the sea, bluku

Big up N to the G
Footsie, D to the E to the E
I show bare love like I did a E
Been like this from I entered the scene

Yeah, Grime, I rep to the T
One forty, yeah I kept to the beat
If you want a bad boy Grime remix
Then just give me or Skepta the P, safe

You hype too much
But I don’t see you fight too much
That’s why you’re not liked too much
You’ve been snorting the white too much

You man swear on your life too much
Careful or you might die too much
Bare MCs just lie too much
If not then they say like too much

Easy peasy similes used frequently
Really gets on my nerves
Reason Jme’s lyrically sick recently
I don’t pet with my words

Beef me? Really you’re chattin all street
See but you don’t step on the curb
These fake greazy MCs come against me
But see I rep for the nerds

I was out the game but now I’m inside
Met some of my best pals in Grime
Richard Cowie, Baddaman James McCabe
And Jahmek Power inside

Tempa T said shower down time
Take music serious, no lies
And now my bad boy megazoid whip’s
Got more features than iOS 5

Juju man, voodoo do’er
Mike Lowery any YouTube viewer
Original dead girlfriend slewer
So I don’t care what you do to her

Stop chatting shit, poo poo chewer
“Came from the gutter”, “came from the sewer”
Any man that chats poop I will take out
Your eyeball with a bamboo skewer

Frequently I get stopped by the gammon
‘Cos my whip looks like it should be owned
By Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond
Feds pull me like I’m a drug baron

Chatting bare shit, can’t understand ‘em
In the stereo I got Krept & Konan
In the boot I got my creeps and my Canon
I don’t own a Blackberry

Ask for my PIN and get slapped heavy
Call me a Rude Kid or a Maniac but beats?
I ain’t Sheringham like Teddy
The only thing I Wilshere like Jack is lyrics

I’ll spray whenever you’re ready
Don’t ask why I’m looking in your boat
With your big head fam: you got a ferry
I ain’t a killer but DPMO

Run up on guys with the green leaf camo’
Bad boy Eleven Paris leather jacket
Fall back, it’s not CP, famo
See my black lips on your TV channel

Bare MCs wanna be me, I know
You will never be like JME
I told you on my last CD, rago
I had a durag straight at birth

God sent me here to make shit worse
Nobody wants a punch in the face
‘Cos when you get punched in the face it hurts
Jump in the whip, spaceship turbs

Open my drink, shake it first
When I drive, my car don’t move fam
The wheels turn and they just drapes the Earth
I’m so raw in a rave

JME encore on stage
If you stick one four and an eight
I will leave the dancefloor in a state
You’re not lord of the place

You jacked couple guys before with your mates
You’re not a badman ‘cos you robbed someone, fam
You’re just poor and brave
Beef? Slam doors in your face

Uppercut leave your jaw in a brace
Man will draw for the Hadak-dak-duken
Leave you on the floor snoring away
MCs think they’re raising the bar

By spitting on fourteen genres a day
Safe, raising the bar makes it easier
For me to score anyway
One take

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JME - 96 F**Kries

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