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Maino - I Still Love You Lyrics and Video



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'I Still Love You' Lyrics - Maino
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Here is I Still Love You Lyrics by Maino @

I still love you
I still love you
I still love you
I still love you

Whenever let nobody speak down about you
I was different then them niggas that you kept around you
You was bunny i’m the .. That you was looking for
I was standing in the presence of a superstar
I learned from you my niggas was loyal to you
And everybody knew i took niggas the war from you
All the time you said the industry fake
Don’t let it fool me
You choose to drop on the game but you used to school me
No please took ti the trial and then you blue
I roll with you straight to the jail
That’s how i do
..to the join expressing how much i lay up
Still a queen even a dream i wish you ..
Man change then you came home
We ain’t moving different
Emotions now gettin involved we in our feelings
Fighting and arguing shit we never used to do
We don’t even speak no more
We playin that i was choosing you

Oh man i still love you
So f*cked up now
I still love you
Is so f*cked up now
I still love you
Put your f*ck hat off
Say that shit man
That’s why i never did it

You was the niggas i confided all my secrets to
All my plans all my dreams i was kept with you
It was true that i loved you like my mama birth you
..the jail man i out you right inside the circle
Loving ..what happened to your loyalty
Guess you’re still loyal to ..
But it’s not to em
How could you do me like that
I made your family mine
And you ain’t telling the truth you tell your family lies
Try to make it seem till i’m like a ..nigga
You all people know that i would killin nigga
What’ up with you homie bring your mortal back
Sayin nothing on world will bring the fresh ..
Guess you don’t know a person until you safe a ..
Don’t meet in the glass no thanks to showin
I ain’t gonna lie thought .. Caping you
But i’m the coma have ..i’ll wash my hands from you

I wash my hands homie
I’m done
I still love you
.. You understand
No love lost, no love had
I still love you

..cup from the scene call me
We was ..you check my vain still badder than me
The same shit we doing sweet tryin to check vacation
The same shit that had the team under investigation
Matter of fact got you facing the dub
We would take that tot he face so you can take it blood
The real nigga don’t snitch do your head do your time
We thought no ..money ’cause ever .. In
See the good see the bad i see the hate too
Guess it seemed it all for that day you
You used to tell me f*ck with nigga gonna say dude
Just be grateful for what this streets made you
The crack is what you priest nigga
‘Cause if for me you ..or you shit nigga
Even you’re living or you’re dying in the streets nigga
Might not ever f*ck but you still gonna have love for you

I still love you
I still love you
I still love you
I still love you

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Maino - I Still Love You

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