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Red Cafe - Keep Winning Lyrics and Video (Ft. Ray Lavender)

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'Keep Winning' Lyrics - Red Cafe (Ft. Ray Lavender)
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Here is Keep Winning Lyrics by Red Cafe Ft. Ray Lavender @

They don’t give a damn about you
Kick you in the face when you down
So many people doubt of me
When i’m on top looking without
Love deadly in the street
Bought somebody .. I thought with my friend
All i really know is that i ain’t never gonna stop
Home boy i’m a ..

As i walk to the valley int eh shadow with death
I fear no evil in my balley i step
I’ll be the best cap still the most hated
Seven deals later the most celebrated
Been through it all
Knew i could do it all
We in the world a weak ..we through fall
Higher up seeking the credit for what i does
But every day i’m ringing the bell they feel the buzz
I’m a beast putting numbers on the ..
I’ma keep winning this is what i ..
Look mama you made you a boss
Me against the world twice i never lost
Four cord pressure still get the bucket
In the hood i’m good making gotta love it
And when the boys come out sayin anything
I’ma keep winning bet money bet anything

Hey i’ve been the main to that number one
I aint’ never gonna stop
Said i couldn’t make it so i had to take it
Drop ..
I’ma keep winning my .. Wanna see they make it
Didn’t think i ..my home
You can keep on ’cause i ain’t gonna stop
Home boy i’ma keep winning

Dirty rare from the brooklyn pg
To the west coast flying in pg’s
Miami beach .. On dj
Still keep ti thought up and make it look easy
Never been the twitter oh bullshitter
I’ma go get it in a apolo sweater
Step at ym of .. In the hood like mix with ..
Everybody see i couldn’t see what i do
Funny now they try to do what i do
I’m a pioneer seek my name ..
With the vaulters too my chest ..
Kicking down doors convix ..
Even givin mine or i’ma take yours
Drinking up a bottle i’ma keep balling like i just want a ..


What kind of .. Would i be
..but i’m trying make a ..in my life
In my life a sacrifice i’ma do without ..
I ain’t never gonna stop


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Red Cafe - Keep Winning

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