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The Weeknd - Gizzle Cos Weakstyle Lyrics and Video



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'Gizzle Cos Weakstyle' Lyrics - The Weeknd
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Here is Gizzle Cos Weakstyle Lyrics by The Weeknd @

And I’m back in the booth, … start spitting remember the truth
Ask your main girl she will tell you what to do
Chop star … we the number one crew
You got something in your chest nigga get it off your mind
Put your money … time
…started truth nigga, knowing we ain’t lying
We looking at your girl, cause she surely’s fine
Huh, now you know it’s going down
Text this nigga or this one…poke eye
A week start like this on the time
Now your main girl, she wanna be mine.

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The Weeknd - Gizzle Cos Weakstyle

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