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Rockie Fresh - Into The Future Lyrics and Video



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'Into The Future' Lyrics - Rockie Fresh
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Here is Into The Future Lyrics by Rockie Fresh @

My calculations are correct
Wen this baby hits eight miles for hour
We gonna see some serious shit!

I tell my niggers anything is possible
and possible is nothing
I mean look at the dough we’re getting
I mean, look at these hoes we’re fucking
I know that she can get better
Working hard, trying to put myself together.
And tell the world that I’m ready for whatever
..hit the jackpot I got my hand on the level
Going down, gotta let that bitch boom.
Feeling good, put that shit, gotta sick you
And nigger on track, I should probably get a…
You don’t think I’m … skip you
And you ain’t got it like me, cause your bitch do
..that’s a bitch move.
That’s another think a real nigger…

I’m just hoping that all ends well
This… my friends tell
This train… that we’re in here
Got me feeling unstoppable like..
…make a killing, get more bucks
More gold, more hoes, got more trust
… pretty chick, watching me…
Many of these white girls love chill
Like these fake niggers love real
…at the same time, they say that they ain’t fucking with it,
Then they’re tripping..
Shit, I could be out of my mind
But it’s looking real smooth
These nigger paper pussy, I just try to pay dues
I don’t ever make excuses, homies I just make moves, yeah

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Rockie Fresh - Into The Future

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