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Rockie Fresh - Never Never Lyrics and Video



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'Never Never' Lyrics - Rockie Fresh
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Here is Never Never Lyrics by Rockie Fresh @

‘Cause i’ve never never had some ..game
Until we always
And if i ever ever the chance again
I’ll probably do the same
Oh i won’t let you go
Singin ohh i ..

OKAY i’ts Rockie checkin in
I’m lovin what i got
I’m about to run the game
But ..this mother f*cker drop
Yeah you can have it all
But you never take my spot
Plus my flow going dirty
I see jet you bring em out
Stayin clean and low key
Has always been a win for me
Clearer on the drama and tax on my enemy
If i die the day and issue ever be the ..to me
I’m grateful for the things that i evolved ready for ..
No doubt state ..seen pages
Not even..when i shot down vegas
An independent live you getting love to make it
Then i did it on my own and down i’m taking favors
I self talk god .. God pay
Show love, why hate, get it now
While wait, ..you gotta know the time is where..
Say you got a gift i’m appreciated your present yeah

I’ve never never had some ..game
Until we always
And if i ever ever the chance again
I’ll probably do the same
Singin oh i won’t let you go
Singin ohh i’ve left you ..

They though that i would..
Then never seen me makin it
Even when i chill i’m gettin more dough than they can get
Yeah i’m in the game but i don’t really pay for shit
//money nigga sayin i get shit
And we smokin on good
F*ckin on ..put the time out
We just put the time in
And we gettin all paper yeah we grind in
And we stay everywhere to change dough
When i’m ready walk much but we ain’t no ..dough
Oh no, oh here’s fow like with me ain’t go
Had to switch did the
I try not to switch the..ain’t flow
My shit is ..how second this
I come to stay check this
Thill i pull otu for an expensive whip
..i’m ridin now
All ..dont’ try ..i gotta so i never ..


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Rockie Fresh - Never Never

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