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Aidonia - Lala Land Lyrics and Video



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'Lala Land' Lyrics - Aidonia
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Here is Lala Land Lyrics by Aidonia @

I ..
I knockin on.. They try to ..
Smoke..if you.. Then drop
Hug ..nigga feel like

..know me ..
Go me..
Me .. N me
I know your ..i bet you know your
Cush smoke kush
..nigga ..
So you.. I feel ha ha ha
Forgot.. One
Heard .. Know me
You know me..
Me .. On the ..
Kush better smoke kush
Smell.. Anybody ..me i pick it up
I burn it roll it
Why light me girl
..me nurse
.. Knockin on me like ..they tryin to ..
If you pull the .. Hug the ..
When we reward the.. Know me
Me ..jesus christ

Kusk better smoke kush
..nihha lala land
..ha ha ha
Then i ..done done done
..jesus christ on me
Kush better smoke kush
..anybody and i’ma ..
Happy as i go a light
Roll it
Why light me girl
Top me..

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Aidonia - Lala Land

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