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Amber Rose - Loaded Lyrics and Video



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'Loaded' Lyrics - Amber Rose
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Here is Loaded Lyrics by Amber Rose @

h-ll yeah, i like the finer things
sushi and diamong rings
big yachts and private planes
fast car's in my own lane
this girl means business
and i don't need no wish
cause my fine a-- is high class
and there's nothing i'm missing

me i like to party, me i, me i like to party
since i got it i can flaunt it
i can get it when i want it
me i like to party, me i, me i like to party
i work hard for the money
now listen to me honey

go watch marc jello frames, lamborghinis and sandro panes
tell the waiter to keep the change
spend it like get anything
shopping bags don't last on me
two hundred dollar g marty
think i need a man for that?
please i'm loaded

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Amber Rose - Loaded

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