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Chingy - Let It Go Lyrics and Video



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'Let It Go' Lyrics - Chingy
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Here is Let It Go Lyrics by Chingy @

born 5, 10, twenties i let it go
somebody better let her know i let it go
ups have it ground to the floor lady let it go
gotta hold lot of money i let it go
ups, i let it go,ups i let it go
i let it go, let it go
your man sipping on cocaine, i let it go
.. i let it go

pull up to the club i’m in the black..
a black, it master burn
no horsing.. joking but i’m not the dirt
..20 stacks in jeans..
them chicks flocking over ’cause they know we got it
and now i’m in the building and we..
my money hel me your child on the ..m
..your..muggin.. i think i just might die my paper lie
your paper cry


damn the mama’s working in
i’m .. fighting over this dollar
so don’t be surprised like some f*cking .. but they not alive
my money ..get the five mess my .. fresh hood then in my ..
pounds hey got them pounds
we just try to ..
diamonds ..yellow stone call it sunrise


i’m the true for real got the blue steel
baby best believe i’m a super kill
make it .. fast team
i’ma let it go
don’t be sturred don’t let it show
i’ma let her go
i’am make it rain


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Chingy - Let It Go

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