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Stalley - Blue Sky (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Blue Sky (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Stalley
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Here is Blue Sky (Freestyle) Lyrics by Stalley @

They say I am the new next up
A lot of new rappers but I am the best of
Never ride the soul survive this is the best book
I am the latest first down with no hook
This feels like a storm that’s how I feel ..
Shut mister … for let my voice go
For you niggers catching on a …now I lay back in the .. where I am up
.. small convertible .. is like wisdom is ..my world no .. lights
My future is … king oh not damn right
Giving up gifts like is .. night
So here you go and thank you for your presence
You .. ears is such a blessing .. tears and aggression
But I wipe them away with ..when I see their faces all I think
Is how they hate it them .. many people going .. they created them
But I am being nice and enjoy with the … homies ….drink beer like …
I was amazed by mistletoes …another guy roof .. the truth
I am spitting the truth …nigger .. notice this young nigger left you
notice this young nigger left you
notice this young nigger left you

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Stalley - Blue Sky (Freestyle)

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