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Snoop Dogg - The Come Up Show Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'The Come Up Show Freestyle' Lyrics - Snoop Dogg
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Here is The Come Up Show Freestyle Lyrics by Snoop Dogg @

Snoop Dogg in the building, about to go …, baby
What up, Dogg, let’s follow this
Let’s do this, man!
You wanna lean on me
And all the ladies on the hallway wanna lean on me
Oh, I’m big snoop… double G
And they all wanna .. on me
So I stand tall, do it all, never ever slap
On the microphone, talking big shit
I can’t hustle on the radio
Holler at the lady though,
With Cosmo Kid, big Snoop Dogg off the top of the hill
Come on! …
Here we come, here we come!
S to the N double O, P to the D, to the O to the double G
Hm… with the vocal tone
I’m rocking on the microphone
Freestyle, yes, this is freestyle
LBC style, G style
Shut out to D… I know the eagles will be back next year
But don’t even trap, cause Snoop Dogg is packing a ..rap
I like to flip in dead, and take you on the mother shit
Come on! So you could ride and roll
Get control and let me show you how I get cold
I might get, I might get, I might get cold
I might get, I might get, I might get
I flipped it, I flipped it, I flipped it
I ripped it, I ripped it, I ripped it, and dripped it, and dripped it
And dropped it, never ever…
And then they try to stop it!
But you can’t cause I’m hard in the pain
When I bust free styles, make the suckers…
This song at the.. big Snoop Dogg and I’m halfway home!
I need to use the phone, could you give the dog a bone?
I’m leaning, and everybody looking at me screaming
They wanna get a picture of the real dog
All the ladies in the hall in love
Even the big boss, he wanted to get a picture
cause he know it’s not gonna cost
And that’s our dog, big Snoop Dog…
Hey, take a picture with me
Have a seat and come and kick it with me
Get in the middle, I’m on the side
Weirds on the left, so you know how you ride
And we came and we both got high and …
Aha, but you know we don’t quit
We just keep smoking and I took another…
We went to the kitchen and.. me some chicken
…and ladies saying, Dog, can you sing?
For .. I say … I got a freestyle
That I just put on the top of my head
And then I came, and I drop it for you
..recorded, pop it for you
True statement!..
And she say Snoop Dogg, breaking it down
She got the camera, I got the rap
I got the rap, since I got the snap
I got the sack, and her’s got the lack
And he got the… scratching the back, back…
Cosmic Kid, this is how we do it
Big Snoop Dogg coming through with the…
My music is dope
I never ever choke
And if I never rap it I would probably be dope
Now I’m laying to you all
Cause you’re big Snoop, and I’m the…
That means that I’m gonna get money, no matter what, I’m doing it sunny
You could be raining, and I could be banging
You could be talking, I could be singing
Try to be… I could be…
You’re what you need, but I stop and proceed to give you what you want,
Cause I know what you need
It’s big Snoop, go double to the G
Peace! And when I’m done on the microphone
Smell me, I’m just like the breeze!

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Snoop Dogg - The Come Up Show Freestyle

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