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Chamillionaire - Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Chamillionaire
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Here is Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle) Lyrics by Chamillionaire @

Cush a bit, little bit
roll it out, take a hit
Cush a bit, little bit
roll it out, take a hit
Cush a bit, little bit
roll it out, take a hit
feeling that, feeling that

Hands on the wheel uh
Hands on the wheel,
hey Hands on the wheel
you’ll be go don’t fall back
no time to rest
no stretch the lays we got streets to get
be careful at the people that hit to let
and tryin to tell em how to test and hit your head
I represent protection and my piece is dead
that’s why the paint on the ..
the level of the color of the piece of bread
but I’m a color change there like a ease to ay
stacks is longer than..I will struggle be a ..that
you know this nerd is never gonna face that
the girl in my life that’s face flat
the tit is west this snipe face is black
the candy looking like taste that
the diamonds rocky like ..
she gonna take it all from me ay sound
what I believe is true I ..to screw
don’t need nobody telling me what else I need to do
you can keep your pro’s but if grain is blue
everybody watching me because they need to clue
you can see I do no hide to chase the grant
raise the pense avoid the man
you can change your plan only anger cam
when the money ain’t correct when is to change the hand
means broke go together like 83
mean cool go together like MC
so many stars that I got like..
so many rappers say real but they look fake to me
ain’t grind go together like BMG
is like M and J is like sprike and lee
if you lazy then you got every right to be
but you can never be my dog Michael V
it was moving slow that’s why my lay to stuck
had to switch it up I had the lane to just
and that lane is just for all the lane you suck
..who came to flush
catch me in the cady with the pain to clutch
we can f*ck biggy crosy I got hang my buts
got me intended gun and now my aim is up
every rapper in the game just became a duck
when I blow a car just other face in lane will turn the ..
and when they see me getting things accomplished
every cousin is like we both named demarcus
nuh, you was now my family you ain’t right to candy
holding drops and pandies
you ain’t worked to sit and never got a Grammy
you will understand the real so you ain’t got to jam
who is you, who is you
telling us what we bout to do
you’re not the real, you’re not the truth
so don’t mess the ..and get ..to screw
if you sell it once we can sell it twice
these textes boys we’re more the height
damn right
hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel
(hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel )
only for the thrill, only for the thrill
hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel

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Chamillionaire - Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle)

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