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Yelawolf - Thank You (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Thank You (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Yelawolf
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Here is Thank You (Freestyle) Lyrics by Yelawolf @

You know thanks to everybody who send me the well wishes
You know I got fucked up I rapture my splin doctor say that I lost one third
Of my blood inside of my body and I sign papers for my death
I was nice even for a couple days
Too fucked up but you know I made it through god is good
So I thank my friends my family who wished me well
Good bless you .. super hot beats let’s have about
Let Äs do something really wick just for the fuck of it
Cause i need it
I am coming like fucking shit .. like I tell my dick to get up
Shake up the babies .. leave myself alone .. a mother fucker and addict
Situation .. but I see everything in my future is panoramic .. lovers .. my babies up in the ..
Pepsico I am just I am just ..I am the highest without finest designer clothes
Ripping the entire globe 9 to five I go 9 to five I go
A New York people ,.. oh my god I am a Godzilla
.. the twenty two emote clues need new shoes new tattoo
Yelawolf is on a track choo choo
Spitting shit dues I am ok why cause I am cool
.. nice que with a nice .. take a nice shoes cause i am back
I just wanna say thanks is my way to say thank you for all support
Hold up .. take charge I take hard to keep
I pay .. made it hard for fakes .. takes to be ours with the main target
Hit the main target .. they are hoping I see .. you know me ..
At least what you can do for the truth is pay .. I am a great commit
I am gonna leave this .. dream so leave me know when you are speaking of the king
Give me what you want white is my skin tone
And 343 is my freaking number

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Yelawolf - Thank You (Freestyle)

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