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Los - I Do Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'I Do Freestyle' Lyrics - Los
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Here is I Do Freestyle Lyrics by Los @

Los, some call me the king
Now from my manicure hands to my toe back
I’m so bad, my grammar my vocab,
My menace, my whole swag
Dog please, from my hearts beat is stories
Leaving odds beat by large leaps to god, beat the glory
If aside of me is… ain’t a fucking way that you can clown me
I’m so hot even summer play it cool around me
I sweep the town like a king baby peep the crowd
Who else you know can tell a skyscraper keep it down
But that ain’t bout shit, my style just appeal fresher
I’m really bout this, my outfit is pure …
Watch them off bitch, these ain’t Guccies they Wyat …
But fuck it, if it was shit on a stick I’d make it look fly as hell
I say I got mopeds that’s …for us to go tonight
He says he got mopeds, this niggas’ on a motorbike
But fuck it, pop a willy throw the deuce up
If you pimping tell your bitches pop a pill and pour some juice up
I’m too puffed on the track, I need to calm down
I’m so over the top I climb a mountain for the climb down
Yeah I said climb down nigga, my work has just begun
Why celebrate on top of a mountain if I ain’t fucking done?
I’m the one I be … to asume, you still be mountain climbing when I’m dancing on the moon
Success loves to hide but I go seek
Ever if I set my passion down, it would grow feet
I’m talking walk, crawl, jog nigga, run to me
And I ain’t gotta run game, it really run through me
She said ain’t you Los but what it do nigga?
You feel that breeze I say yeah BooBoo, I’m a cool nigga
Now she staying honest reach as far as she know
I could stand on a beach and make a palm tree blow
Speaking of blow, … show
Told her give me some head, and she … to go
… put it deep in her throat, titties and ass need to be on the pole
The type to get high but she freak on the low
Pick a spot on the map and the weekend we go, and we gone
Body so soft and I’m blowing that strong
Got me saying I do like go in this song
I do, I do, I would, I will
For your love, who should I kill?
How good I feel I kill myself
I’m fresh to death, I killed myself
You don’t get it, feel myself
Fresh to death, I kill myself
I’m still myself but who are you?
Bitch you sound like so and so, rapping bout such and such
I wish your motherfucking flow would grow
No chance, nigga so … down if you put them in the ground
They’d probably grow plants, call it flowers for the dead
Yeah bitch, I’m far out, like I’m hours from the crib
I heard when it get thick, you turn diva
Me I’m riding out, and I ain’t making you turn…
Bet you turn zebra when them lions out there
Take your stripes like a tiger, leave you lying out there
Hold up, wait a minute nigga, come back
I said, whoa, and I slow that down, had to speed that up
I’m just restyling nigga what the fuck
This shit was over a long time ago
But fuck it, I said it’s time to show these niggas that I care, I care
I make home look good like I’m …
Damn nigga, this is my year, my year
And it feels so good, say yeah baby, it feel so good
I said I’m … to you motherfuckers
I’m bout to bring it to you motherfuckers
I do, I do, I do, I do
I said I do, I do, I do, I do
I said I do, I do, I do, I do.

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Los - I Do Freestyle

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