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Los - Toca Tuesdays Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'Toca Tuesdays Freestyle' Lyrics - Los
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Here is Toca Tuesdays Freestyle Lyrics by Los @

I am chilling out you can hardly see
.. you know what it is I keep in more
And the way I pass the microphone to the right
Is the … I came to tell you ..
Plus I got the ghetto hot .. there i go
There I go again we are gonna take it to the city
Mess whit my homie … you know I am loco
.. crazy .. I hustle like a polo .. oh no ..
Hero go crazy .. work the way messing with the boy
In of state out of state .. you better get me cause I get
Your girl out of date .. you know what is going on
I eat them up I chew them up
.. I am doing crazy now
What’s gonna happen
They are gonna call .. better hold me
They say I am crazy every flow coming down the …
No trouble with me … in my space shot out with me
I am so thrill .. I am so necklace my Versace is precious
I got the Rolex … I got that shot boy
I stay walled I swear the goodness
I got ti cause I am the hardest .. you ..
Turning I am in a .. tell them got the 44
Done where they see me .. I can swim under water
So I get more sound I am like Tom Cruise
007 that’s James bond .. I got the …
You ain’t want no trouble boy …
Hey Toni let me hold it down
It was serious before …
You have been served

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Los - Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

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