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Timmy Titus - Good Feeling (Remix) Lyrics and Video



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'Good Feeling (Remix)' Lyrics - Timmy Titus
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Here is Good Feeling (Remix) Lyrics by Timmy Titus @

uh huh, Skys lit. drinks up.

[Verse 1]
I just feel Good, Borderline crazy
Somthin like MJ, straight from the 80′s
Foreign girl like en France
Moon walk in the party like f*ck you, Pay me
Jacket with the zipper, chillen on my thriller
Nikes on my feet, but i aint Mac Miller
I’m Mekhi Phifer, hard to decipher
Guess it all depends, grown up diapers.
Ok i mean it, i’m speeding but i’m leaning
Its a journey in between us, so i never stop believing
Imma party like I’m dreaming, and i wake up in the weekend
Plus i’m throwed, toast, so,
I got no control like no remote
Lets go lets go.


[Verse 2]
Wake up wake up! Bitch good morning
I be in the cut like neosporin,
Pouring shots up against the clock,
But see you can’t play D against peach ciroc.
Hah, one time for the raging,
Cup full of clouds boy i be spacing
Just rolled up, whole team with me
And i’m gone in 60. nicholas cagin’ (ah)
Imma let my problems go
Just for the night
Cause haters looking salty huh
And i dont need that spice
Oh you need some good advice?
Just make sure my drink is spiked
And lets get right, cause tonight
I’m feeling like everythings alright.


[Verse 3]
8 texts in my cellphone
150 missed calls
Couldn’t tell you where i’m at tho
Never been this gone.
With a bad broad, studying abroad.
Gucci, gucci.. she kreashawn
Never been a girly girl, more tom-tom
Cause she lead me on like navigation
Girl lets turn right, can’t go wrong
Rage on the lawn by the end of this song
But i feel good, and she look great
Tony the tiger, frosted flakes
So lifted like i’m in shape
My heart race but keeps its pace
Tonight your morals escape
Cause its far from a date, this is fate

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Timmy Titus - Good Feeling (Remix)

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