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Yelawolf - Rack City Lyrics and Video



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'Rack City' Lyrics - Yelawolf
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Here is Rack City Lyrics by Yelawolf @

yeah! sourmilk, justincredible
l.a. leakers
(buzzin' on the beat ho!)

alabama rich, i'm alabama rich
shady records
hello ketamine, this bitch with hits
big camera and, fuck around i leave your momma with candle lit
speaking of candles lit, happy birthday me
radioactive is a magnet for birthday treats
new house, fresh shoes
it's like all my opponents saw me and said let's lose
good move! is it me? or the fake "let's choose"
coz' i'm teaching the class, you mothafuckas slept through
so even the haters only instigating my students
but a couple of questions that i won't say yes too
like mr dobalina mr bob dobalina can i ca
i shoulda loose but refuse to be an o-bama-nator
you hate on me you probably an o-bama-hater
laugh at you chronic players, sit with a sonic laser

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Yelawolf - Rack City

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