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Mack Maine - Windows Halfway Down Lyrics and Video



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'Windows Halfway Down' Lyrics - Mack Maine
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Here is Windows Halfway Down Lyrics by Mack Maine @

I’m cruising, with my windows halfway down
Bruising, if he actin like a clown
Loosing, if he don’t wanna be found
If he going that water then make sure that he drown
I’m a shark nigga, I’m feeling like Georgia, I’m a shark nigga
He’s a dolphin, now you’s a gold fish, I’m a shark nigga
Warrup nigga tell them, sharks nigga

I’m … I see you peeping me, I’m peeping him
Because we’re peeping the nigga that’s next to us
Like he checking us, like he bout jacking us
The cops on the corner, they got visions, are hacking us
Who attacking us, you niggas claim you warriors?
… you niggas don’t want war with us
Warrup low Jack, low jigger…
That’s my nigga…get with me g
I know he straight from the dub side, nigga that’s the west coast
They don’t get right they’ll get left for
Warrup bird man, see that’s my uncle though
And he will punk you and spank you behind me
Warrup sugar…that’s my uncle too
Something like my step pops
You’ll get left out, right on the block
If you fucking with us, cause we don’t play no games
You niggas is lame, warrup Dwaine that’s my brothers
We’ll bruise you if you clown

See we just cruising with the windows halfway down
Said loose him, if the nigga don’t wanna be found
If he won’t come in the water, no life jacket, let him drown
Let him drown nigga
You’s a goldfish, I’m a shark, like a spark in the dark
If I blast at your knees, you can’t walk
If I put a muzzle on you, how you talk
Speak nigga, yeah speak up, I’m coming through your speakers
Nah, I ain’t fucking the song, I’m just chilling
I’m laid back, I owe you one, I put a check there
Signed by the X, cash it…
G’s up, hoes down, nigga when we roll round
Blast shots at him, with a big…
If it’s big then it might be a 7…
You 6,7 or 6,9
Nigga I got something that’s full 7…
So you wanna play, nigga this ain’t recess
Your mama she will be stressed
Sitting on a bench like it’s recess but no court
This is sport, you bitch ass niggas don’t wanna fuck with us, get a fork
Or better yet, switch your plate up if it’s beef
Better becoming veggies if it’s beef

Bitch look, I’m cruising with the windows halfway down
Loos a nigga if he doesn’t wanan be found
Come up in this water you gonna drown, you wanna fuck with these sharks…

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Mack Maine - Windows Halfway Down

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