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Nino Bless - Get Ready Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'Get Ready Freestyle' Lyrics - Nino Bless
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Here is Get Ready Freestyle Lyrics by Nino Bless @

Who the fuck am I? And … never album, never foreign niggas know my…
Fucking minds,
Yeah, who the fuck am I? And … never album, never foreign niggas know my…
The kid is back , oho
Somebody done did it, admit it, I am pissing off my critics
Listen, the kid’s a cynic, with lyrics most considerate quick with it
I don’t scratch a bitch’s back while other itching to get it
So who am I? You fuckers know that nino sick
I am to underground what drink is to an emo chick
Don’t do it, please don’t do it,
Whatever’s in my way, I blow a hole right through it
Move out my way, come on get some pimping
You stepping internet message…
Ciber threat mean… and film it with my camera homes
But I don’t … on myself, so bitch this ain’t going on the websites
Like Chris Brown snatchophones
Fuck a crew, I stand alone, …
Nino is not the one to fuck with, leave that man alone
If not, just cannons blown, like … man’s at home
Now that’s a dumb shot, on top, shit some…deliver the flow…
When sun drop, no feeling shit that be songs hot
I get to the fucking point like skipping through a porn’s plot
Yeah, I’m always… the women…me, like I’m camping the … non stop
… I played it my way, so why hate?
I just drop that shit for the streets, no bridesmaids
… I’m great when I take…
Fuck ham, I go Tarzan, it’s our camp, city in the heart land of the hood
Where we starving
You know that marksman…
Look the ball soldier is black, my break is all over
Sorry that I disappeared like LeBron in the 4th quarter
I came, I saw, I conquered, never saw…
I hate to shoot, look what you made me do
…Witness the arm slaught, … but I ain’t playing tube
I got this on smash, wish… block like
…switch it now right
Mister exclusive, see I got that shit of making records…
I’m playing records, … I play the new hip hop, nino is the… new truth
… watch me blow the…with no discression
Who the fuck am I …

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Nino Bless - Get Ready Freestyle

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