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Dorrough Music - All The Above Lyrics and Video (Ft. E-40 & YG)

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'All The Above' Lyrics - Dorrough Music (Ft. E-40 & YG)
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Here is All The Above Lyrics by Dorrough Music Ft. E-40 & YG @

She got a tongue ring, she got a new queen
yeah I like that I’m in the everything
and Luis deal twice damn bitches..
so I’m gonna hit all the above, I’m all the above
I’m all the above, I’m all the above
we look the hoes money, all the above
we took all the hoes money, all the above

Yeah I’m the show man I’ll be doing the clubs
everywhere I go I was showing me love
they ask me ..look what do I’ma be sipping up
it don’t really matter I drink dollar all the above
I’ve been looking ..go benefit
no matter what money ’cause I ain’t..
a lady in the streets she super freak when she get home
all the deal above ..I can knock her home
my credit good like a white man
I’m only getting poppin like sprite can
coming and shut it down
soon as my flight man
here are my ladies at brown ..
while the.. Asia this a white fran
I saw the .. that’s me I’m in the..
they say they die can
all white man I hear em on the night and they in


It’s me man
..on your wrist..
you ballin on the bitch feel me,
do you rap a push kicks clean me
I’m going from not being mention to the sinner of attention
still right now I’M THE European
but I’m used to the limit
I’m all of the above be quiet
this walls might be.. and I come with the pump
and feel our bodies and pumps ..with slucks

I’m the party started ..water
I’m showing that the king diamonds while they ..
they shoot the king down
we like all wheel
we got everything that we need at the hotel
I’m quarter ..weed I have the..
see bad bitches with a lot of money int he bank
I..the money we got from the club
I..dollar bill all of the above


I took change but I like on
she don’t f*ck me ’cause this no to go
all the ..listen to..niggas
teaching how to.. I’m a ..nigga
..bitch I’m on..get homies and suppliers
..baby I got a .. you know p**sy good when you..with your eyes
..tryin make to the next day
I’m ..while you’re waiting for the next day
no silent no state what it do girls see me lost way
and it keep till this pay
shit for the nigga hate wait
ten in my fish got but gotta text my bitch for the f*ck


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Dorrough Music - All The Above

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