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Lil Twist - Stay Schemin Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'Stay Schemin Freestyle' Lyrics - Lil Twist
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Here is Stay Schemin Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Twist @

I ride for my niggas dog, and get high with my niggas
Anybody try to fuck one of my niggas off
I drive by with my niggas
… mad man, pull up in a soccer van
Hop up and leave you laying where you used to stand
I’m told somethin bigger than my hand
Stop by and clean up like …
Shoot them up and cut his face with my other hand
…I been eating, y’all starving, eat the …
Bitch I’m balling, really grinder, Juwhana man
Can nobody stop Twizzy, nah, nah
I have your ass on first 48 touch down
On missing persons, got my niggas …
They wonder where I went, I went missing behind the curtains
62 inches, Maybach bitches
Don’t worry, I got a job at lay back bitches
Recline the seat, hitting them light switches
Told her close her eyes and relax as the night switches
Over, I was raised a soldier, and they knew I was gonna be a force to be reckon
When older
Now I be out in L.A. chilling with movie stars
…whole movie chicks and …
Why should I complain? I’m smoking mama pain
I can fucking call Wayne whenever I want
Like bro, what’s popping
Nigga still at it like we filming boulda blocking
… we only, young balling, …
Sorry for the postpones, but don’t get it twisted
Got a set of fucking tones
Don’t get it twisted, defeat ain’t an option.

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Lil Twist - Stay Schemin Freestyle

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