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50 Cent - I Aint Gonna Lie Lyrics and Video (Ft. Robbie Nova)

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'I Aint Gonna Lie' Lyrics - 50 Cent (Ft. Robbie Nova)
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Here is I Aint Gonna Lie Lyrics by 50 Cent Ft. Robbie Nova@

is 50 nigga
i just wanna remind yu
i just wanna, you should shine your ass
and your boy for me you niggas be in a train station and ..
now you niggas rap
want a hand nigga mixtape
i want why you hang nigga a mixtape
you punk your ass nigga
now give me your mother f*cking tape nigga

i could take you to dinner girl but i aint gonna lie
i just wanna f*ck you baby
.. but i ain’t gonna lie, i just wanna f*ck you girl
said i could take you shopping girl, i aint gonna lie
i just wanna f*ck you baby
oh i could feel you ..up girl but i aint gonna lie
i just wanna f*k you girl

..to get to know you girl
so many things i wanna show you girl
succeed then i guess i owe you girl
louie vuitton movin on
for the sun comes up and the top comes down
tryin ..with the voice about
what do i ..extra claiming
james brown doing like a sex machine
got a hot real fetisch love this mean shit
sex roll rock’n’roll tryin sting bitch
then you stood and ..on my obama shit
money ain’t know telling how much i’ma get
big bars had a wood in the frenzy
f*ck around take a chain like ..
pop about take a.. of my fendy
catch me in prada or maybe escada
just another beautiful day and that a lay
and i’m in new york a professional shit talk
and uh i see nigga is stressing
and i’m straight so i’m guessing
i’ma puff to possesion


..take a little bit of my conversation and ..
to make you clip for shawty i’m that nigga in new york
shawty now lay down, put your head back i put your ..
when you back it up at me i like that
let me guess i’ll turn you on, i’ll turn you on
i turn you on i bet
we just getting started in everything soaking wet
this **sy good she aint worry about the ..
this p**sy must have ..on front
for me is nothing i’m just f*cking for the f*ck..
but shawty acting we just from another shit
can’t be it could be okay she’s good girl
attracted to em and ..in my world
temptated to ..when ..that will carry attention and ..


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50 Cent - I Aint Gonna Lie

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