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Bow Wow - Goldie (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Goldie (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Bow Wow
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Here is Goldie (Freestyle) Lyrics by Bow Wow @

Got some homies out in Compton
Who got that fire drough
It ain’t known in wizardland I need 3 zips or more
You’re now fucking wit the realest
Niggas is watching me, while I’m fucking all they bitches
Hoping in and out of Benzes
Fuck whoever said … Marcel nice
Niggas fucking with me cause I got that shit they like
I spent my whole life savings up and live last night
You only get one life, you can’t live this twice
Pockets big like Shaq, that’s racks on racks
Hollering you won’t … boy, you don’t want that
Straight A young fly nigga from that OH niggas
Niggas say when you make it and your dough get bigger
That’s why I keep some niggas who bout that life
You talking save bucks, boy I did that twice
Let it burn, hit that shit one time and pass it
Homie it’s my turn, I’m higher than a motherfucker
Homie that’s my word, still motherfuckers can’t fade me
Came a long way from rapping verses for …
25 thank god I’m alive
Cause usually cats my age don’t survive
My young niggas is active, dreaded up and tattered
Get fixed like a broke tv if you got static
I’m married to the game not married to the money
And we a perfect match like Peggy and Al Bundy
Cash money, motherfucker
Who you with, nigga? Hahaha.

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Bow Wow - Goldie (Freestyle)

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