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Bow Wow - We Bout That (Eat The Cake) Lyrics and Video (Ft. Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled)

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'We Bout That (Eat The Cake)' Lyrics - Bow Wow (Ft. Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled)
Here is We Bout That (Eat The Cake) Lyrics by Bow Wow Ft. Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
YMCMB, Cash Money Billionaires
more cake. more money, more hustle
we the business, Rich Forever

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
Smoking kush in my condo
ballin hard, bitch you aint know?
retro 6′s new show laces
at K.O.D. throwin ones in strippers faces
yeah that Ciroc justr got me feeling good
you are stuntin who? boy I know you wish you could
Cash Money, Young Money
I got retarded paper, I'm talkin dumb money
tatted up is an Ohio thing
I aint Tity Boi but IUm rockin 2 Chainz
pour it up, go head and roll it up
walking out the club, drunk as fuck

[Hook X2: Bow Wow]
Hey, stuntin hard yeah we bout that
you say you getting money huh? well I doubt that
all I do is ball, errday
throwin cake in a niggas face, eat it anyway

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
…GB on that drink heavy
I run in your fuckin mouth like the tooth fairy
yeah bitch its Tune, I'm dope in a spoon
I drive a fast car, that bitch go puu…
what the business is? All my girls pretty
Pussy, money, weed keep the world spinnin
I ball out like the 9th inning World Series
in name of the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit
and the weed strong, like a pro wrestler
What my pockets on? Nutty Professor
hit the strip club, throw like 20 racks
I aint trippin baby, Im gonna get it back
I'm Young Money

[Hook X2]

[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
I'm on one, yeah Im hot now
tell them hatin ass niggas pi, pipe down
doing a buck twenty on the highway
thick red bone looking like Beyonce
do it for the O, I gotta represent
I hear them clowns talkin stupid they aint talkin sense
I got my mind on my money
dont no how to Dougie, but all the bitches love me

[Hook X2]

[Bridge X4: Bow Wow]
I told ya'll before, nobody cant touch us
Y.M.C.M.B. (unfuckable)

[Hook X2]

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Bow Wow - We Bout That (Eat The Cake) (Ft. Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled)

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