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DJ Suss.One - The Ruler’s Back (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video (Ft. Uncle Murda)

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'The Ruler’s Back (Freestyle)' Lyrics - DJ Suss.One (Ft. Uncle Murda)
Here is The Ruler’s Back (Freestyle) Lyrics by DJ Suss.One Ft. Uncle Murda

GMG, what up homie?
SInce the feature presentation,
Let's go Brooklyn!

F*ck talking bout..it don't mean nothing
they don't listen and everybody so poison the public,
don't tell em bout jail, don't tell em it's wet,
don't tell em they been in over and Sean they whack
don't tell em they're making loss, talk em in blax
dlike two bricks is the same as the fifty crack,
great in time, judges and lawyers
they don't mean no evidence that's the governance for you
so cope that car nigga bout to ball,
give white boy wasted you're a rock star,
people looking for love inside of the club
same free my nigga you ain't even send em a dog
but you're just..and twenties attends,
keep f*cking with them niggas who are telling you win
the fast come through is sneeve em the block,
bleed at bitch you say she's riding but you know that she not
keep rapping bout money know me about,
f*cking investing in the bomb, f*ck buy no stop,
blow money own bitches that's gonna leave you broke,
I don't beg is at the stripper, I was stripping and coke,
nigga balling to your bomb, fuck stag in the stash
for a rainy day gonna make a rain on some mess,
f*ck buying the house, go get that drop it,
at the baby by that get the whole plug-in
shoot em with the..your little street..
f*ck the fans come my own nigga get more bread,
if you a real nigga go do what I say,
be real dumb and end up real that.

New York City
you know that streets
Suss.One, I see you nigga
let's go!

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DJ Suss.One - The Ruler’s Back (Freestyle) (Ft. Uncle Murda)

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