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DJ Victoriouz - Koolin Lyrics and Video (Ft. Twista & King L)

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'Koolin' Lyrics - DJ Victoriouz (Ft. Twista & King L)
Here is Koolin Lyrics by DJ Victoriouz Ft. Twista & King L

Roll up the dough, roll up the dough,
bitch will be koolin'
blow up the giant, bitch we've been koolin'
call up some dutch, bitch we've been koolin
lot of benz in my rubby, chains bitch I'll be koolin'.
We've been koolin', bitch we've been koolin'.
we've been koolin', bitch we've been koolin'.
All the shit, smoking dope, we've been koolin'
f*cking all this bad hoes, we've been koolin'.

See me koolin' in a lock, in a drop, full of narrow apart
and nah, do a niggas not,
got for Louie forever on do, he head me hot,
he was chillin' on the block, what a thought
and he was koolin', but he got the tool in,
watching them niggas, I don't know who they think they foolin'
never take a day off, like a machine is slace off,
I take your bitch, your block, I'll take your whip and that's face off
then been waste off of my A six,
don't mess with the pulse I ask haters,
when I'll be with my niggas I don't worry about em,
but it's all a ride with my banger,
only dutching woods and white paper,
don't smoke no blunts with no strangers
they don't..the cup with no anger and I'll get too high to any danger,
I'm a boss surrounded by them niggas that will not go pop..
ain't no talk, so learn your lesson no end up dress the ..
'cause you're soft I can prove it,
don't make me do it,
but I'd rather be over that cup ain't nothing to it,
now that you go, got fucked up so I can fool it,
we wish just chillin, smoking blunt so we was coolin,


Catch me down the rich koolin' nigga I murder rap,
catch me in the straight and bumpin boss murder rap,
coolin with your bitch she own me, she say I'm too cool,
get your..soft the cool and pass me..
then my movie I'll be koolin, smoking watch and..
sister got the heat koolin, while I'm poppin it,
your bitch cool, she roll my weed from me when we koolin;
you'll be buggin, study callin her, why we koolin'
bright that shine and all this diamonds on my cool eyes,
got your bitch on the corner with her cute eyes
she want a Louie as it cool f*ck it with you,
I'm like sure, I'm a cool individual.


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DJ Victoriouz  - Koolin (Ft. Twista &  King L)

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