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Slum Village - Riot Lyrics and Video (Ft. Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, Kam Corvet & T3)

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'Riot' Lyrics - Slum Village (Ft. Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, Kam Corvet & T3)
Here is Riot Lyrics by Slum Village Ft. Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, Kam Corvet & T3

I set it off like I'm F Gary Gray
I step up the scene niggas had nothing to say
bite your tongue, keep quiet I starve riots,
homies this ain't recess, if you feel the way, hit that E Jack,
reject pity, 'cause I'ma be back, they snippin with the sea pack,
see racks to destroy tracks,
this ain't B boy rap, this ain't D boy trap,
ain't seen more black, tell em prease this smack,
they setting traps all the time, study to all the rhyme
you're ready to order mine, I swore like colon bime,
I'm doing just fine without the others,
go ask my brother, and when you see my nieces tell em uncle time is level
the long in this four call the room pad it,
when nothing really matters, put the matter I had it,
my eagle bitch shout it, prime been bout it,
my heart been brune, so much I turn addict,
a glucking for the pain, I'm motherfucking shame,
with the nigga go through before he really wanna change
I'm really wanna hang the old me but the new me with the survive the old me
listen closely, rappers don't approach me,
trickers tryin to brose me,
but I still land it like I drop down on four feet,
say nothing drowns beat, I'm nothing on steam,
..party yours when this is the dram team, motherf*cker.

Oh ohh, oh ohh

post it up in the corner, homie you're born of
whole game is there, call up the corner,
9-11 on the dial, see you're looking fowl,
walked out with the frown, left out with a smile,
addict two, like f*ck em all,
..to a pieces f*ck em all, no time for it,
got a crime for it, giant hand..no script but I'm on a line for it,
damn, tell me they couldn't read it,
roll without 7 they told em they couldn't beat it,
sculpted up all cast so cold to fridge it,
cast in their feelings, so mad they're living
watch out living, now they wanna imitate,
a cube to game intimidate, 'cause I refuse do a similate
with the in crowd, yeah I'm a rebel and I've been proud
before I am, and where I stand is a man forever..
and hold out nuts in my hand,
do again but I..fuck that many plan and the style.

Appreciate me while I'm still here,
and do a map of trick, disappear out my ocular,
respect drum can't see with binoculars,
hold life, should have put it in the journal
read it at night, small light not eternal,
I'm like a wild sky, left the truth lies,
call me in the mix cause so much ..lies,
ain't talking bout the grip, no I'm talking bout god
to name shit the same to me, you're stepping 9 to 9
yeah y'all nigga make believe fairy tale, our love us
can't stand I had for us so parallel weather
even though we stay and float like a..
yeah I saw my faults and I come through it
so flue it, now nigga time cruise it, yeah
get on my level kid you know what I get it the
but instead dog I stack green pyramids.

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Slum Village - Riot (Ft. Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, Kam Corvet & T3)

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