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GunPlay - Daddy Lyrics and Video (Ft. Trina)

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'Daddy' Lyrics - GunPlay (Ft. Trina)
Here is Daddy Lyrics by GunPlay Ft. Trina

Give it to me daddy, give it to me daddy
Give it to me daddy, give it to me daddy
Give it to me daddy, give it to me daddy
Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy

Tell me what you want
Tell me what it do, don't tell me what it don't
Picture our motion, motion picture
Girl mouth pussy, slow motion hit ya
She obey me like soso scripture
When I break her off you cannto fix her
I get my dick sucked till my whip stop
I ain't gotta hit the hoes no
She go down when I roll these tits up
Knock a bitch out the park put that fence up
Mercedes Lorenzo shinning my rims up
Baby girl watch daddy get his wins up


New shoes, new bag, new this, new that
New money, old money all that shit get expensive
Got a car on my arm, boat on my necklace
Hair and tips stay fly on a jet
They all yelling hot damn what it do red
Bad bitch on the bottom of my shoe rack
Yellow girl, same color jewelry
Suck till a money blueray
What color coup imma cop this week
What baller imma break, whip around lets see
Need another benz with the candy nine
And ill give it to you daddy, daddy, daddy


With an a nigga mouth right
Wanna ride imma show you what the crass like
Imma swerve on the curb if she act right
Bitch I'm a dog I just wanna see a cat fight
Bitch rubber too small, my hat tight
Been a pimp, never been a mack type
Imma, right now, asap life
Hoes be reading all my damn tattoes
She never heard a real nigga rap that rude
Don't make a motherfucker reall act that rude
Yall hoes sleep better snack that soon


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GunPlay - Daddy (Ft. Trina)

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