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GunPlay - I’m A Shooter Lyrics and Video (Ft. Alley Boy)

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'I’m A Shooter' Lyrics - GunPlay (Ft. Alley Boy)
Here is I’m A Shooter Lyrics by GunPlay Ft. Alley Boy

I’m a shooter, shooter,
Walk about me crazy, I shoot you
I’m a shooter, shooter,
Walk about me crazy, I shoot you
Lay a nigga down in the street
So your man don’t wanna see me, naha
Nigga turn all that shit, no really he don’t wanna see me
Girl, stick em high, high high
Girl, stick em high, high high
I’m a shooter, shooter
Walk about me crazy, I shoot you


I’m a shooter,
Strapped with a ruger
Play me nigga I’ma do you
I don’t wanna fight, I don’t wanna toss up
Good like luga, nigga I’ma shoot you
Put one through you, ask my jeweler
45 racks that’s on my mula
85 racks that’s on my car
Came to the movie bitch I’m a star
All my niggas certified shooters
Ain’t a coward know they gonna do it
All gonna crush that’s in the wood
They slanging out like in that ruger
Choppers … it ain’t no good
All in the 8 back to the pay
Jungle …with a k, run the sticks up in your face
Running major, I’m a chief, I got wars in the street
I got shooters shoot for free
I got bitches chewing for free
I’m a shooter, I’m a shooter
Bitch down nigga you a pudel
Bitch bought on nobody
Walking bout me crazy, I’ma shoot you


Stick a motherfucker for a chain
Stick a motherfucker for a watch
Stick a motherfucker for a ring
I’ma stick a motherfucker just watch
Get slapped with the too too tray
Now you crying with a buhu face
Plus a nigga where the jewels in the safe
Where the blocks at, thesejust apes
You ain’t no gangster, you ain’t no pimp
You ain’t no killer,
Your 44, so cold, snow cold, chilling
Really, I don’t think you want this bindess
Cause this really ain’t no screenish
My niggas them playing for keeps
Y’all niggas playing for image
My niggas died in this dirty laces
And about that open cases
And they all mere look bread
Damn, my nigga that’s crazy
But that’s the game, we balling in
And get murked for a Bentley ornament
Shooters shooting like it’s a motherfucking 3. tournament


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GunPlay - I’m A Shooter (Ft. Alley Boy)

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