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Mysonne - I’m Different (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'I’m Different (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Mysonne
Here is I’m Different (Freestyle) Lyrics by Mysonne

Aha, … the 2 Chainz on this one
I just had to ball this!
Cause I'm so different
Look how I did this!
I said, my song!

I said I'm different, I'm gifted
2 Chainz … to be, I ripped it!
Nigga told me to wait in line, I skipped it
He said no, must chill, I don't listen
But I'm wishing a nigga would
Had them us boys going ham in the nigga hood
Bam bam in the nigga hood
Certified, anywhere I am, a nigga good!
So a nigga should act right (why?)
For a… leave the nigga smoking like a crack pipe
Fake niggas want it back right
I tell them niggas run back,
And tell them that I'm back like
I ain't never leave, get ‘em…
We're jeezy, he said he could get them turn the key
Or was that young buck in Tennessee?
Oh, I don't know, I gotta fuck that memory,
Nigga gonna remember me!
My song left me, gone right in that right palm
Icon, yes me!
You don't wanna test me
Right or wrong, trust me!
You'll be fighting for your life on that reast beat

Like, uh, uh, uh
I'm one bad motherfucker
The gun gonna block, your girl I could fuck her
And she let it suck, so I call her sucker!
You're a sucker for love ass nigga
Don't fuck, just trick, kiss and hug, ass nigga!
She said she want a thug ass nigga
That fuck, put a face in rug ass nigga!
That's me!

I'm different, I'm different
Nigga, I'm different!
I'm different, I'm different
Nigga, I'm different!
Pull up to this party, your bitch missing
Pull up to this party, your bitch missing
I pull up to this party, your bitch missing

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Mysonne - I’m Different (Freestyle)

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