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Future & FreeBand Gang - Automatic Lyrics and Video

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'Automatic' Lyrics - Future & FreeBand Gang
Here is Automatic Lyrics by Future & FreeBand Gang

Automatic swag, got a automatic whip (let’s go)
Automatic flexin, how you do that? I got bills (I got bills)
Young Scooter, I got automatic clientele (automatic clientele)
2000 pounds of swag, one day that’s automatic

Automatic money man, my shit don’t got pressure
You know around my wrist automatic VVS’s
Deuce in the pot, that’s an automatic force
Foreign pulling up, black amigo here we go, let’s go
Stupid all 6’s, on the coupe sit low
55 the speed limit, we’re going 124
I’m automatic smashing, jigging cabin pulling on
Black amigo gang, yeah my campaign strong.

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Future & FreeBand Gang - Automatic

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