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Skeme - We Against The World Lyrics and Video



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'We Against The World' Lyrics - Skeme
Here is We Against The World Lyrics by Skeme

You’re now in tune with the most underrated niggas in rap
Young SK, El Jefe, nigga we back ha
What you thought? Cus I was gone for a minute
That I wasn’t gon return and try to strong arm this business?
I hoppe out that Honda Accord into a Benzie
Throwin bands up off in Sin City and caused a frenzy
Can’t lie, most of these rappers, they move gently
But I still leave one in the head and squeeze til it’s empty
I lost my mind, big brother just lost a Bentley
Earn stripes while these other rappers all were sayin get me
The unofficial 5th member of Black Hippie
Interscope showed me interest but them numbers wasn’t jiggy
Oh Lawd, who you came with? Never been on no lame shit
Ridin for my nigga, you walk then watch yo lane switch
Me and Weez made this million dollar plan
Dressin like potent rich, just laughin, dap the bands ah
Pure dedication… first class, champagne, elevation
I’m knowing that success bring hella haters
So we steer clear in the new Rolls
ING uno and this nigga that you know
When it come to game I’m kickin it like judo
I really live this shit, I spit knowing that you on’t
Still feel that ignorant bliss, loading that 2-4
Don’t load it if you won’t bang it
And even worse, don’t aim it if you won’t bang it
Whips swinging, I’m realest nigga in it
SOX army bitch, you like damn where the lieutenant
Nowadays it cost niggas racks for shit I’m bringin
So now I feel like every sentence is big business
Good reddens, am I killin or what?
Bury all these bitch niggas, no digging em up
I’m posted at number one like the day you was stuck
If I bust my bitch mane and start lickin em up
Bop bop, drop yo top, no pickin em up
These little dick head niggas is fuck
And this is just the intro, fuck em all like a nympho
Was inbred, nothing like yall, just check the info
I am Ingleworld, spittin on these actions
I ball like AR while yall was talking bout practice motherfuckers

My time, bitch
Aye nigga what happenin? Fuck you nigga

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Skeme - We Against The World

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