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Wale - Walk 'N Live Lyrics and Video (Ft. DJ RellyRell)

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'Walk 'N Live' Lyrics - Wale ft. DJ RellyRell
Here is Walk 'N Live Lyrics by Wale Ft. DJ RellyRell

Rude boy, gangstas, gorillas, shottas
Walk and live, dark and bumbaclot dead
You hear that?

I said rude boy flexing, dirty naughty hair shit
Six, seven monsters bred, they got these heads rest
Cause I'm on that ''fuck it'' shit, yeah, I'm on that gully shit
Before working recital I was out here working trying to get my skully
Governed by your baby mama lips and I'm loving it
Fuck that sucker shit, only God can be judging this
Rosa Parks should get mentioned
They trying to touch me, I'm bussing back
I get it, I get it, we all have an opinion
So now you get it, I got a temper, cry me a river
And to a notion, I do the most to rap for the culture
How you confuse a nigga passion, with actin' like 'oh shit?
Because I'm black with some hunger with no passive emotion?
If I was Anglo Saxon you bastards would have me with Oprah
Taking it back, don't give me no dapper if you having to move up
They saying I'm wack and shit, I'm rapping like you do on computers
Ho niggas, troll niggas, I can't ever win
Mind quicker, lines get me richer like I'm Emmitt Smith
Folarin the benevolent
Tried to be respectful, but they never get your picture
Till you get back on that ghetto shit
Peddle to the metal where them niggas live to settle shit
New legend shit, let us live
Whoever the best I can test them, fist or intelligence
Shottie Pippen on penmanship
They had some great careers, but I'm the best with this
I kill that reindeer like my friends is fiending for venison
Question my temper, man, cool, but not my competence
Sent a text to Juicy J like "dude, that's just my confidence"
But shoo I think that I'm the best and nevertheless you should too
So on that note I stand by my comments, of course we still cool
I stay in Soho eating no boo
Who complaining I be Super Saiyan shit on a ProTools when they go, [?]
Sayonara - I'm no fool, by far beyond subpar
Contrary to y'all, what's that to lose and who y'all influence
I'm finding this quite comical
Them bummy niggas couldn't tie my shoes
They brainwashed on what's cool
Followers like homecomings, see their song and dance and they fall suit

Rude boy, gangstas, gorillas, shottas
Walk and live, dark and bumbaclot dead
You hear that?

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Wale ft. DJ RellyRell - Walk

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