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Juicy J - THC Believe Lyrics and Video



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'THC Believe' Lyrics - Juicy J
Here is THC Believe Lyrics by Juicy J

I'm the only one that get the job done
I don't know a nigga that could cover for me
Yeah, got some game from my Daddy
He said she might say she love me
She don't love me like she say she love me
Believe me, believe me
I'm that nigga, boy they love me in the streets
I'm not tryna find nobody else to beat
I'm the one they come to see because they all
Believe me

Yeah uh huh, You tryna keep up with these bitch niggas
You gon’ fuck around and end up in your momma’s house
Why you listening to that loud ass bitch?
Nine times out of ten shawty don’t know what she talkin’ about
Spend this money like the money make itself
Told my girl bring her, what if she gon’ need help
I keep it pimpin’ V-12 engine, shawty so fly, I might fly out to Memphis
And let her meet the fam. sike, think again
I’m high off kush and flyer than Peter pan
These rappers ain’t real, they living in TV Land
And they don’t wanna grind, they just wanna be the man
Niggas want a slice of the pie, they reach their hand
But they ain’t even got enough to pay the pizza man
And everybody rapping about a check
Promise if you look closer, niggas really in debt
Back to back number one records
True shit, you ain’t ever seen it done better
Hundred racks each pocket, that’s a double decker
I just went and got my little college chick a kompressor
All this ice on me, never let them see me sweat
Watch your bitch strip naked for a VVS
These niggas mouth’s never close like CVS
And all these niggas rich, on the internet
That’s a rented car, and that’s a bone chain
Worldstar front page, now you got some fame
Juicy J, certified OG, with all this bread I got, who needs beef?
If you listen close, you can learn a lesson from me
Say my name nigga, you gon’ need protection from me
I’m in my loft, find me on the roof playing golf
I don’t take no days off, but every day I take off
Smoke some

I’m the only one to get the job done

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Juicy J - THC Believe

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