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Raekwon - Ooh La La La Lyrics and Video



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'Ooh La La La' Lyrics - Raekwon
Here is Ooh La La La Lyrics by Raekwon

Teflon king
A scientist at ringing
Buddha trooper jumped out the Uber
Eating grouper
Party with bitches and cougars
Peter Luger’s, that’s my spot
Sixty dollar shots, I’m high off the hookahs
Play the backseat and front
Come through the Rucker with two fuckers
Shawty in blonde streaks, my homie we on peace
Just here coolin’, everyday movement
Hit the booth, classics for niggas that don’t know what they doin’
To the dead, toast to it
Pop toast to it
Drink Ballentine, L’s, I knew it
Sippin’ Lance’s in the mansions
Hundreds of chances to win
Drug game is ruptured now drim ..
Now drink some Jim or some Jack
Black weed in a black V
Most of my team react, champ
Keep shinin’ stay powerful, par
Me and digital y’all
Now fuck that peep the visuals, God

Every time you come around
I feel my world starts turning topsy-turvy
And I just can’t fight the spin
Baby, won’t you listen to this love
Whose hearts been missing and don’t hurt me
‘Cause I’m falling your way again

Am I weak
Well, sometimes I just can’t hardly speak
That I have to pinch myself to be sure
That this love is more than I can endure
Sweet thing, you’ve got me signing

Ooo la-la-la
It’s the way that you feel when you know it’s real
Ooo la-la-la
It’s the warm that’s inside when you’re satisfied

Ooo la-la-la
It’s a dream that lasts forever
Ooo la-la-la
Let’s stay together, oh

I can see it there
That look upon your face is saying love’s in making...

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Raekwon - Ooh La La La

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